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Trex Pro Gold Authorized Installer
Timbertech Decking - Certified Installer
Certified Installer for Cambridge Pavers
Fiberon Decking - Authorized Installer

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Super Service Award for Decks and Porches inthe NYC Tri State Area!

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Cleaning Products

Your local brand window cleaner just won’t cut it when it comes to more complicated construction work.  We provide builders with professional products formulated to get specific jobs done, and fast.


Almost essential for anyone with a backyard, our durable decks provide leisure and a way to enjoy your property to the fullest.

Framing Members

Framing is perhaps the most important phase of deck building.  If the structure is not designed to carry the required load, or if the framing isn’t level or not square, building the remaining deck features like railing and stairs will be frustrating and difficult, not to mention dangerous.

Light Kits

These light kits will help you put together the perfect lighting for any room in your house.  Whether they’re flood lights, or ceiling fan lights, we’ll be sure to get you what you need.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Keep warm during cold summer and fall nights with our outdoor fireplace set-ups.  These are guaranteed to not only impress company, but provide functional usage to you and your family.

Outdoor Kitchens

A sign of luxury, but also a sign of a die hard cook, our outdoor kitchen will show everyone just how passionate you are about your food.


Pavers are a classic addition to any driveway or sidewalk arrangement. Not only are they great weather guards, but they leave room for a lot of artistic patterns.


Even though they add a nice accent to your deck, railings are above all things a means to keep people safe.  The railings we supply are durable, sturdy, along with being aesthetically pleasing.

Screws and Fasteners

Despite their unassuming nature, no building project would be possible without screws and fasteners to hold everything together. We deliver different materials and different gauges perfect for your personal project.

Skirting and lattice

Both deck skirting and lattice can help prevent animals, both wild and pets, from getting under your deck and either getting hurt or in some other kind of trouble.


It’s not enough to have tools; you need the very best to complete your project and bring it to its fullest potential.  We distribute tools from only the best manufacturers to ensure you’re satisfied.

Trim and Accessories

Trim is impervious to moisture and insects, and doesn’t require paint for protection. Use decking trim to keep pests out, and to also add a bit of flair.