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Wood (4)

  Redwood, like cedar is a soft lumber that will age to a pleasing grey. If it is left untreated Redwood will blacken if exposed to prolong moisture. Redwood is rot resistant but will maintain it's attractive look if treated with a sealer. Redwood decking shares many of the Cedar decking attributes. It is competitive with the Cedar in most…
Could a Pressure Treated Deck work for you? Pressure treated lumber is still a very popular choice in decking material. It's popularity comes from primarily it's cost, and the fact that most people are unaware of the many other better choices in decking material available these days. While this material needs regular care and maintience, if cared for properly it…
Cedar's popular because it is a very attractive wood, it is easy to work with and it is naturally rot and insect resistant. Cedar is also less likely to wrap or shrink. If left unfinished cedar will turn silvery grey over time, a look some people like and this material will generally last about 10 years if left in it's…
  What is Ipe?  Ipe is an almost magical South American hardwood. The USDA Forest Service gives Ipe top  marks for being bug and rot resistant. The wood is so hard it is nearly as difficult to burn as  concrete. Ipe is almost twice as dense and five times harder than most woods. It has a Class A fire  rating,…