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Wednesday, 16 June 2010 15:47

Cedar Decking

Cedar's popular because it is a very attractive wood, it is easy to work with and it is naturally rot and insect resistant. Cedar is also less likely to wrap or shrink. If left unfinished cedar will turn silvery grey over time, a look some people like and this material will generally last about 10 years if left in it's natural state. If you apply waterproofing or stain it will generally maintain it's golden hue for 20 years.

Cedar Vs. Pressure Treated Lumber

Generally speaking cedar is not readily availible, we usually have this material in stock at the Design Center, this tends to make Cedar 1 1/2 to twice the cost of Pressure Treated lumber. 

Cedar, as stated above, gives a much more natural wood look to a deck. The low end stock of Pressure Treated lumber is often speckled with knots and has already begun to wrap and twist right out of your discount lumber yards. 

Any outdoor wooden project, and especially decks which have flat surfaces are punished by the elements. Wood has to be cleaned, sealed, stained or treated if it is to last any length of time. For this reason both Cedar and Pressure should be handled the same. Why pay the extra money for the beauty of Cedar if you aren't going to care for the wood. Any exterior wood surfaces should be cared for a least once every two years.

Cedar is a soft wood and it tends to get more worn in areas of high traffic. Cedar's main selling point beyond it's beauty is the fact the will generally stay straight and will not crack. Pressure will wear better and will stand the test of time against rotting and heavy traffic, but will warp and crack.